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109 day of the year
16 week
April 19 Saturday
  • Waning moon
  • Fruit 18:28
  • Root
  • Sagittarius 18:28
  • Capricorn

Health and beauty

  • Operation
    Propitious time for operations and medical procedures.
  • Wash hair
    A particularly propitious time for washing hair.
  • Skin care
    Skin care and hair removal - a good time for beauty treatments.
  • Weight loss
    Good time for effective weight loss and detox.

Home and garden

  • Airing
    Adequate time for a longer flat ventilation. In these days it is also easier to dusting without a water.
  • Harvesting
    The preferred time for the harvesting and storing fruits.
  • Painting and repairs
    The best time for all work associated with painting, varnishing and minor repair work.
  • Clean window
    The most favorable time for cleaning windows. No smudges are left.
  • freezing
    Favorable time for harvesting and freezing fruits.
  • Cleaning
    Laundry and dry cleaning. During this time, you need less detergent and cleaning products.
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How the moon affects our lives?

People had been fascinated by the moon, and how it lights up the night, for a long time. Soon they recognized, that when the moon shrinks or getting bigger, lots of various phenomena occur in nature. Long time ago, when there were no scientific laboratories, fishermen and farmers could decide when to fish, sow and harvest according to lunar phases. Women knew which day was the best for doing laundry, preserves or drying herbs. Animals also live according to the lunar clock. Birds, for example, can choose the right moment to build a nest, so it can chilled after the rain more quickly. Using this knowledge, we can avoid many problems in our lives. Of course precise determination of lunar activity, requires good astrological knowledge. But even basics can help our lives become easier and less nervous.
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